Josef Straka, me and RAVELTIK

This one will be in English for my friend Pepa.

So, the last two year I have been adopted and sponsored by Josef Straka and RAVELTIK climbing company.

Josef is the owner of Raveltik and main developer of the climbing gear; I have met him and started climbing with the gear two years ago.

I have to say that I got in love with the gear and in the passion of Pepa for creating it.


“Tripa de conejo” 8b+
Josef on the belay 🙂
 photo: inbal katznelson.

This year Raveltik has been going through some changes, and they been bought by Lanex a Czech company that is the owner of some climbing companies including Singing Rock , and this year Raveltik will  start cooperate with singing rock.

So any way I wanted to say my thanks to Pepa for his support and friendship.

 Here is the page in the catalog where I appear with raveltik quick draws (there is more pics inside the catalog):

the great quickdraws  

the route is “Amistad” 8c

 Here is the full catalog 

you can enlarge it in the right corner:



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