Bouldering in Israel – new discovered bouldering area

In the past few months a new bouldering area was discovered in north of Israel.

ofer blutrich in  one of the night sessions
It was the effort of a few climbers form ramat ishay area lead by Alon saly.
Since then the place called ACHBARRA ROCK, is being developed and new lines are being established weekly, but still there is a lot of unclimbed rock.
Bouldering is a rapidly growing sport in Israel so it’s very exciting to be present in the process.
By now there is about 20 problems ranging from V0-V8, with beautiful scenery and perfect winter climate.

A guide book is being prepared by Leon Khazanov and I hope an early version will be released soon.

chicken V5 FA

Here is a video I have being preparing during the first month the place was discovered most of the problems still have only few ascents.
Stay tuned for more updates !

Bouldering in Achbarra – Israel from ofer blutrich on Vimeo.



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