Gita Reloaded

Last Saturday the Berloga- northern climber’s community initiated a cleanup  and maintenance day in Gita the major climbing area in northern Israel.

Since the year 2000, when climbing in Gita just started, I don’t think such an activity ever happened there.

Our aim was to improve the access to the cliff and  to improve the safety of the climbs.

It was a great day, beside the beers and BBQ we manage to  some serious changes .

here is a partly list:

1. Clean the crag from garbage and toilet paper.

2. Build a trail from the car park on the west side all the way to sector Holy cow, and that includes, removing the terrace that was blocking the way in fuel sector and building stairs on the way for easier access.

3. Cleaning all the cows shit in sector Holy cow, you would not believe  how much was there the good news are that……we found land!

Now it all clean and beautiful.

Safety issues was solved as well that day  including removing all fixed unsafe gear from the route in sector Fuel.

4. Rebolting:

  • New chains in “Death becomes her”(Max Suster)
  • Japanese gardens –totally rebolted.(Roe Midlash)
  • Nice at the end – bolts been checked .(roe midlash)
  • Alibaba- totally rebolted and extended.(Ofer Blutrich)
  • Super fuel – bolts been checked, all the holds been washed and cleaned, and a new chains been bolted.(Ofer blutrich)
  • Caffeine – totally rebolted.(Ofer blutrich)
  • Warm up – rebolted and added some boltes.(Valeri Frumkin)
  • Drug sex rocknroll- totally rebolted (Max suster)
  • Juice heart- one bolt added at the roof (Eli Chakanov)

Well it was an Amazing day and I am proud that I took a part

Thanks to all good people who came and did a very hard job, thanks the Israel climbers club for the bolts and chains.

Take a minute to look at the pictures.



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