Winds of change

September is here.

 This is the month of my birthday, I am 35 years old now, and it feels like that I just discovered rock climbing, motivation now is high.


 After 12 years of climbing abroad this is the first year that I am climbing in Israel in September.

I have chosen to stay in Israel this time for several reasons and biggest one is my M.SC thesis, which I need to hand in November, This is the last mission to get my Physical therapy Masters.

The thesis project like all hard projects seems now impossible to complete and sometimes so frustrating but experience on projects taught me well that I am going to get it done eventually.

I found September in Israel is nice, you can feel the weather change and while I am here, I been bolting and trying many new routes and projects.

@Alon Brookstein


FA of “Jabba” 7b+ , bolted by Valeri Frumkin


@Alon Brookstein

First of all friend and I have been working on opening the access to “Nezer cave” my favorite crag, and now it is almost authorized for climbing, and that a BIG deal. Many thanks to Alon Malachi and the Israel climbers club.

 Since we opened the access to the cave many new climber are coming, and new development is happening.


I have managed to red pointing my project “Rolex direct” 8b+ and been bolting in the cave some new routes including “skinny cow” 7a+, “Ice breaker” 6b “ice tea” 6b and “Neo” (project)  I also managed to FA two new route in Apollo sector “After dark” 7b and “Early bird” 8a, thanks Valeri Frumkin for putting up this two amazing routes for us.


“Neo”(project) @Alon Brookstein


eye of tiger
“Eye of the tiger” 8a FA

 here is a small taste from the upcoming “Nezer cave” guidebook:

nezer for blog

Lately I have been occupied by another big time consuming project, which is Israel climbing no. 1 problem.

Not many people aware of this but, in Israel it’s illegal to climb on cliffs, which are inside nature reserves that makes climbing literally illegal in most of Israel’s crags.

The Israel climber’s club has started a campaign and the goal is to establish legal access to our cliffs.

The club set a 100,000 shekel fund raising goal to support the campaign, and hopefully the climbing community will understand the urge to unite behind our club donate and support, to protect our crags .

If you are into donating time or money you can do it here  for any question feel free to email here:

Israel climbers club fund raising event

 Till next time

Climb safe


On search for new rock, wait and see what we found….




2 thoughts on “Winds of change”

  1. You’ve done so much for all of the climbers in Israel, it’s amazing.

    Keep doing, keep climbing and stay strong in your own unique way.

    Proud to say that you’re my friend.

    Thank you for all the wonderful things you’ve done and all the things you will do in the future.


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