Spain trip – 1

Well my short trip to Spain has arrived, and it is better then I hoped.
This time I got lazy and rented a car and apartment together with my
good friends Valeri and Dani.

The gang

First day we went to climb in Oliana. 

Oliana in the background 

Llieda climbs- the guidebook by Dani Andrada.

This  place is amazing!! It is a huge, 50 meters long wall (you actually need a 100 m rope for some of the routes) with world class routes. The moves on the routes are fantastic and there is a great atmosphere at the cliff.

I warmed up on the amazing “placa ferdinand” 7b, a good intro to Oliana,
and then  OS the brilliant route “Mishi”  8a, what a good feeling.
This route is super technical and long….training payed off 🙂 .

In Oliana we met our good friends Hanes and Barbara Rounder.
Barbara is a talented climber from Vienna, Austria, with great passion and motivation. She is working at the moment on “mind control” 8c+, getting really close to sending it, and it is very inspiring to see. 

“Barbara on “mind control

With her encouragement, I went and tried out the moves on her route as well, and WOW, it is an amazing pitch, perfect rock in a perfect scenery.
Oliana and Santa Linya have now become the places where climbers from all over the world come to test their skills, and it’s cool to see so many strong climbers like Chris Sharma, Cristina Ondra, Magnus Mitboe, Monique Forester and Simon Carter.

Next I went to try out the moves on the classic Fish eye 8c, and again, was amazed from the quality of the route, it seems like this cliff was made for climbing, every route is good, and it looks like fish eye is a good project.
Fish eye 8c

“The city of “Ponts
Santa Linya -Next stop
Magnos explaining to Dani the move on Neanderthal 9b
+ My intro route to Santa Linya – Asoltinbankis 8a

Well that’s all for now, you are most welcome to leave a comment and stay tuned for some more.



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