Notable Ascents

   I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to pioneer many .new crags in is in Israel

And I have bolted and made  first ascents of more than 100 routes! Including more than 40  of Israel  hardest routes

:Here are some of my outdoor ascents

8c / 5.14b 

Rolitto Sharma – Santa Linya, Spain

FA “Matrix”- Nezer cave, Israel
FA “Nezer tours” – Nezer cave, Israel
Florida” – Rodellar, Spain”
Pata Negra” – Rodellar, Spain”
Amistad” – Rodellar, Spain”

8b+ / 5.14a 

FA “Rolex” – Nezer cave, Israel
FA “Blue Bear” – Nezer cave, Israel
FA “Prime time” – Keshet cave, Israel
FA “Madness” – Nezer cave, Israel
FA “Spina Bifida”- Yonim cave, Israel
Maskoking”- Rodellar, Spain”
Tripa de coneja” – Rodellar, Spain”
El chorreras o la bella inconue” – Rodellar, Spain”
viernes 13 buena suerte” – Rodellar, Spain”
Ixeia” – Rodellar, Spain”
Philip cosinere” – Rodellar, Spain”

8b / 5.13d 

FA “Dr. feel good” – Gita, Israel
FA “Blitz 21” –Nezer cave, Israel
FA “The missing link” – Keshet cave, Israel
FA “Jurassic park” – Nezer cave, Israel
FA “underground” – Nezer cave, Israel
FLASH  “A media asta”- Rodellar, Spain
“Alter ego”- Rodellar, Spain
“Les chacals”- Rodellar, Spain
“rendez with platon” – Kalymnos, Greece
“O Draconian devil”-  Kalymnos, Greece
“lakhno noc Irena” – Osp/ misja pec , Czech republic
“Wisikyri”- Rodellar, Spain
“Espirit rebel” – Rodellar, Spain
“La Banda” – Rodellar, Spain

8a+ / 5.13c 

FA “Mr. Line”- Gita, Israel
FA “Katana” – Yonim cave, Israel
FA “Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hide”- Gita, Israel
FA “All beginnings are hard”- Gita, Israel
FA “Caffeine” – Gita, Israel
FA “Bruce lee”- Yonim cave, Israel
FA “Dimon”- Gita, Israel
FA “Robin Hood” – Gita ,Israel
FA “Iron man” – Nezer cave, Israel
O.S “Humphery” – Bielsa, Spain
O.S “El lado oscuro de la fuerza”– Rodellar, Spain
FLASH “Los Golondrina De La Piscineta” – Rodellar, Spain
“Maskoking r1” – Rodellar, Spain
“Mal De Amores” – Rodellar, Spain
“Aporia” – Rodellar, Spain
“Cosi Fan Tutte” – Piscineta, Spain
“Montserrat” – Rodellar, Spain

8a / 5.13b 

O.S  “No limit” – Rodellar, Spain
O.S “Mishi”- Oliana, Spain
O.S  “Fun De Chicunne”- Kalymnos, Greece
O.S  “A media asta”- Rodellar, Spain
O.S  “Bernardo el Sherpa”- Rodellar, Spain
O.S  “Visa pour Bielsa” – Bielsa, Spain
O.S  “Adios pepito”- Rodellar, Spain
O.S  “Maneras de vivir”- Terradets, Spain
O.S  “Akelarre extension”- Rodellar, Spain
FA “Great Wednesday”- Gita, Israel
FA “Shugon” – Yonim cave, Israel
FA “Michael Jackson”- Ein Fara,  Israel
FA “Peral Jam”- Gita, Israel
FA “Energizer” –Gita, Israel
FA “Cornflake” –Gita, Israel
FA “Ali-fuel-empiere”- Gita, Israel
FA “Rock Empire”- Gita, Israel
FA “The natural formula”- Gita, Israel
FA “Easy starts” – Gita, Israel
FA “Hyper Fuel” – Gita, Israel
FA “Wind stopper”- Gita, Israel
FA “8pm show”- Timna, Israel

Professional Climber

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