Learning from the best(and the Beasts)

It is just a little over a week since I’ve arrived to Catalonia. This is by far the most inspiring place to be when it comes to climbing.

This place attracts top climbers from all over the world and the strong Spanish dudes, no one famous but climbers like local strongman Dani Fuertes that kick ass just as much as the big names.

from right to left: Manbo and Kaori Yoneyama, Adam Ondra, Sachi Amma,Ofer Blutrich,Dani Fuertes, Patxi Usobiaga and Dani Belisha



My goal for this week was to get back to shape, and climb some routes below my limit. So I’ve tried a few 8b’s, 8b+’s in Oliana Peles and  Santa Linya and happily I sent one 8b, and started figuring out  the moves on Fabelita (8c) which feels that I can send in a good day.




But the thing I am most happy about is that I was lucky enough to spend this week among top climbers like Patxi Usobiaga, Adam Ondra, and Sachi Amma, this week the cave was filled with pure adrenaline, these guys know how to rock climb properly!

sachi and adam-2
Sachi and Adam share Beta

sachi and adam-3

It was a good reflection on my climbing the last few years, When I started feeling blocked in my personal progress,  for many reasons some of them due to the lack of new routes and the difficulty of finding climbing partners.

So my perception about what is hard rock climbing has waned, and this week was really good to see what can be done.


Sachi on his current trip to Spain has already climbed five 9a or harder including fight or flight, and Adam onsighted three 8c. Together they started working Chris Sharma route Stocking the fire (9b) in the cave.


The highlight day of the week was two days ago, When Sachi gave the fight of his life and send Catxasa 9a+, and Adam flashed 8c+ “gypsy blood” just minute afterwards.

sachi and adam
Sachi sending catxasa 9a+

That experience of seeing those two guys climbing next to me just filled me with  motivation to get better and the goal to get back to shape went one step forward, so I’ve decided that I just need to try harder and so I will.

Me on the last crux of Fabelita (8c)




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