Going From Zero

I was waiting for this for a long time .

2014 was one of the hardest years of my life, getting thorough divorce I was in terrible emotional and physical state , life suddenly turned from being organised and clear to chaotic and unknown.

It effected my climbing big time. Suddenly climbing wasn’t the most important thing in life, thing like where to live where to work, and what will be in my future, took place instead of my daily routine.

I had a lot of time on the road, sleeping at friend’s house or at my parents with no permanent base, keeping a routine of training for climbing became super hard, and to my feeling less effective.



When 2015 arrived I have decided the time has come to change my head and that is the right time for the long waited road trip I was dreaming about the past year.

I packed all my stuff, left my flat permanently, and bought a ticket to Catalonia, a bit drastic but here I am.



Somewhere last year I was considering quitting climbing. My emotional state overcome all passion I had for the sport. The lack of a home the lack of climbing partners and lack of new routes were deeming my motivation I kept on training just because I believed some where in the back of my head that I could find again the passion for climbing I just knew that I need to keep hope and one day I be back on the rock, and with a clear mind.

The plan for this is to become a novice again, and to enjoy rock climbing like I use to.


The day has come I am in Catalonia Spain, home of the best rock climbing in the plant and I am really happy.

The plan for this trip is to become a novice one again, and to enjoy rock climbing like I use to.


I flew out here with one of my best friends, Dani Belisha, and we plan to stay around till April and climb as much as we can.



First day of climbing was snowing as hell so we went training at Boulder Llieda, a great gym for keeping the climbing fitness up second day with perfect whether we want out to Santa linya.



It is the second time i am in this cave, and it is so amazing, Its is really steep and long, most of the route start out at 7b and goes up to 9b , this cave is amazing.



We climb with our friends from Japan, and had a great chance to meet Sachi Amma, and see him in his successful red point attempt on “Fuck the system” (9a) on his second try, Just a few day after he reappointed Fight or Flight (9b) in Oliana, impressive.

10404286_525973260875530_726511768918418528_n manabo archologico

The first day on rock just reminded me how much I love rock climbing and being outdoor with my friends, and it was the first time in a long time my mind was clear and I could enjoy rock climbing no matter what the outcome was.DCIM100GOPROGOPR0214.



I keep on updating from the trip Here and in FB page.





love to hear from you