Am I a better climber?

Its has been a great and busy few last months.

First of all I finished my Master of Physical therapy got my M.SC and officially off University at least for the near future.

I felt it is a good time to go to Spain for some winter climbing in Catalonia the climbing mecca.

The objective of the trip was to have fun but also to explore some new grounds and try harder stuff for more personal development, 9a.

see you in the next world copy
see you in the next world 8a FA
Boar Revange 7c FA 

Many people ask how can i be a better climber? They  always say that they feel that the climbing progress had slower down and not moving up with grades.

Here is my answer from my recent experience in Spain.

I have climbed in Santa Linya Which is probably the hardest crag in the world , the warm ups are 7b and the routes  goes till 9b .

My goal for 2014 is to try to  do 9a route, the route I choose was a combination of  several routes, an  25 meters 8c+ route and a 8b+ extension.

ruta del sol 8b
Rollito Sharma 8c+ 

Improvement comes not only from numbers, but also from subtle changes in your climbing like: climbing more efficiently, climbing faster, solving crux sequences faster, feeling how to weight your feet better, climbing more relax more confident,  this little changes are not so much measurable but I am sure I am a better climber regardless of grades.


Now back In Israel, it has been exiting two weeks, I have been Working with Claudia Ziegler which is professional photographer with a lot of experience in climbing photography .

We have  been shooting photos for an article about climbing in Israel that is going to be published (we hope) in one of the european climbing magazines.

We have been all over the north of Israel in all the climbing spots and the photos are amazing, I cant wait to share some of those hopefully soon.

Claudia and me at work shooting “Missing link” 8a+/b

Winter here is a such amazing time to climb and My focus now is bolting new routes climbing as much as possible and get ready to go back to Spain project are waiting!

Bolting goes on “Welcome to Israel” 8a FA

There are ton of more info I like to share but i post it in a new blog soon, if any one has any interesting subject Feel free to leave some notes






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